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Weltturbojugentage XVII – Day IV [Blog]

The Grande Finale …

was about to happen. How many would show up after making it to the Fischmarkt. Well … let’s put it this way: The final show of the weekend after having three (!!!) sold out shows already was incredibly close to being sold out again! More than half of the crowd was wearing a Kutte the rest were live music lovers from different all over town that joined the Turbojugend for one final blast!

The Raging Nathans and Teenage Bottlerocket

First band of the night were The Raging Nathans. And they pulled off a great show to get all the people going once again. Warming them up for the unbelievable fast, loud and fun Teenage Bottlerocket! What an incredible show on a sunday night! It was full, it was hot, we hat a dancing crowd and loads of crowdsurfing right until the last chord!

Thank you!

Thanks to all the sailorettes and sailors who visited us!
Thanks to all the musicians for their incredible live performances!
And thanks to the fab Molotow Crew for hosting us for 4 fucking days!

Click here to watch the recap on Youtube!

Über Kevin Winiker

Kevin ist Inhaber des Photostudio Ottensen und Initiator von BACK ON STAGE.