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Weltturbojugendtage XVII – Day III [Blog]

Day 3 …

was one of the longest and most rocking days of the Weltturbojugendtage XVII!

After having Middelfinger Morning Madness at the Gemütliche Ecke a huge crowd met up at the Landungsbrücken to get on the Turbocruise! Once again the MS Tonne hosted a great show on the Elbe. We were well entertained by The Dumbats, Fuel’nStuff and  Christmas! Many danced and rocked through the sets, others simply enjoyed the ride through the harbour on the lower deck.
Those who didn’t get onto the MS Tonne got their own ship and rode next to it showing off their naked arses … well … mainly their naked arses …

Off to the FC St. Pauli Fanshop

At 4 pm it was time to pay another visit to the FC St. Pauli Fanshop. Øl and the unbelievable Hot for Deathpunk (former Turbomongo) had set the tiny stage and turned shop into a steaming hot hell hole … again! What a great show, what a great crowd and what generous hosts!

Those who didn’t go see the bands went to the Molotow Skybar to watch the incredible Turbojugend documentary.

Two and a half girl and March

Shortly after that there was a lot more music going to happen on stage!
Starting with Two and a half girl and March. Both playing amazing sets. Hot, sweaty and fast! Crowdsurfing and moshpit included!

The final act of the day

The last act of the night the legendary Gang Green. Many watching the gig were pretty moved by the fact that Chris Doherty was standing on stage despite clearly being suffering from having strokes. Many grew up with the music and probably watched him on stage for the last time before calling it a day.

Click here to watch the recap on Youtube!




Über Kevin Winiker

Kevin ist Inhaber des Photostudio Ottensen und Initiator von BACK ON STAGE.