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Weltturbojugentage XVI – Day I [Blog]

What the hell is the Turbojugend?

First of all, what the hell is the Turbojugendtage?
The Turbojugend is a worldwide fanclub of the deathpunk band Turbonegro. The Turbojugend is organized in plenty different chapters. A bit like motorcycle clubs just different. Always recognizable by the way they are dressing up. They all come in denim.
Their denim jackets are called „Kutte“. A proper Kutte is usually decorated with an insane amount of batches from Bands and political statements. The people who wear these Kutten (plural for Kutte) often are found to be usually drunk, sometimes a bit misbehaving but always antifascist. Let’s face it: they are a very colourful and diverse bunch of people who enjoy to party hard.
And not to forget the whole thing started right here in Hamburg, St. Pauli. That’s where the main gathering the „Weltturbojugendtage“ takes place.

Arne the Asskalator

And since our dear Arne is one of these colourful people (his fighting name is Asskalator) and happens to do booking, he took it onto himself to get a proper lineup together and planed the whole shenanigans with the Turbojugend St. Pauli. That was quite a ride because you know the pandemic isn’t over. Even though several countries seem to ignore that. Originally planned to take place at the way bigger venue, the Grünspan, it was decided to shrink the size of the event a bit. So our dear friends from the Molotow welcomed the crazy bunch of sailor*ettes.
Finding artists to play doesn’t seem to be the biggest problem. Keeping them and most of the time replacing them for loads of reasons (some catch the covid, some have to cancel whole tours because of massive costs and poor ticket sales and so on).
Anyway, he somehow managed to get things done so Kevin took on the challenge to cover the whole thing. In photo and video. To get more Sailor*ettes to find their way back to party with us next year.

An honest delight

And to be honest it was a delight. The overall atmosphere was so happy and welcoming, the bands were great and all the other fun events around the Weltturbojugentage were just amazing. Kevin went almost everywhere to show you how much fun these people can be.

We put together a couple of galleries, so the great memories that we posted every morning will not be lost in the seas of social media.

So here’s day 1 of 3. The awesome bands that played the stage at the Molotow are:

SkroetbalgGrindhouse and The Real McKenzies. Go check them all out!


Unfortunately the video got X-Rated … probably because the slight glimpse of breast with covered nipples is more dangerous than guns … So do check out our youtube channel … sigh ….

Video auf YouTube anschauen >>>

Über Kevin Winiker

Kevin ist Inhaber des Photostudio Ottensen und Initiator von BACK ON STAGE.