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Weltturbojugentage XVII – Day II [Blog]

Getting to terms with day II…

of the Weltturbojugendtage XVII wasn’t too hard. Many of the lovely bunch of denim wearing crazies met up for the Minigolf Wars at the Planten un Blomen, where they peacefully irritated the common guests on these premises in the most charming way possible. 

Minigolf and shots

Whilst trying to shoot tiny balls into tiny holes a large group gathered at the Doppelschicht to head out on a quest to find the best Mexikaner. So the crowd moved from bar to bar testing their way through the various mixes of schnaps, tomatojuice and spices. In the end the Old Sailor got this year’s trophy of the best tasting Mexikaner. Congratulations!

Saunatime at the FC St. Pauli Fanshop

After hours of running around hitting balls and drinking spicy shots it was finally time for the first gigs of the day! We started off at the FC St. Pauli Fanshop with a hot sets of The Demtones and Exploding Head Syndrome turning the Shop into a steaming, hot sauna where you could easily lose your voice and your ability to hear! 

Liquifying the air at the Molotow with Vulvarine and Bitch Queens

After these rather hot gigs it was time to refill on liquids at the Molotow. After filling in on short notice last year, Vulvarine from Vienna made it easily into this year’s lineup, too. And they came along with a lot of new songs, a new guitarista and faster, tighter rock! That was a great show to start off the evening entertainment!

After being rocked hard by Vulvarine in was time for Bitch Queens to take over the stage and rock even harder! By the time they left the stage, sweat was already dripping of the walls of the Molotow. We all got what we came for. A hot and sweaty night of Rock ’n Roll!

The Backyard show

In the meantime the stage in the Molotow backyard was set for The Good The Bad and The Zugly. Luckily it was set up in the backyard because the heat inside would’ve been unbearable. What a set! The moshpit looked like one big moving mass of denim!

After the show is the next show

After this astonishing gig the crowed had an hour to recover before Upploppet finished everyone off on the inside stage. Despite lacking their usual drummer, the guitarist switched to drums without anyone noticing and the pogo frenzy went oof like crazy. Only this time inside the Molotow. That was simply amazing!

Click here to watch the recap on Youtube!

Über Kevin Winiker

Kevin ist Inhaber des Photostudio Ottensen und Initiator von BACK ON STAGE.